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Food Tourism : Market Research

Lobster on a market stall Our heightened awareness of food issues permeates our day to day living and does not stop when we go on holiday. In many instances we become more aware when we are away from home, with more time to enjoy a relaxed meal, visit a local market and think about what we are consuming.

The link between the provision of good food and the impact upon tourism is a natural one - there are many examples around the world where the tourism offering is defined by a region’s gastronomic ‘uniqueness’. Dumfries and Galloway, in the south west corner of Scotland, is a largely rural area with 200 miles of coastline and, thanks to the Gulf Stream, a mild climate. Its economy is principally based on agriculture and, in conjunction with the active fishing industry, it has a good range of local food producers

Scottish Enterprise Dumfries and Galloway had been active in promoting local food through a variety of schemes for some time and were looking to expand their involvement and understanding, of the issues surrounding food and tourism. They commissioned GVA RGA to undertake a major piece of research that would shape future support programmes in relation to Food Tourism in the region

Some aspects of the study included looking at the importance and development of a strong geographical food image; the impact ‘green’ issues have; how to strengthen the ties between businesses and suppliers (the production and consumption chain) and awareness of the excellent food offering from the region.

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