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The Helix : Big Lottery Fund Living Landmarks

Kelpies sculpture - mythical Scottish sea horses GVA RGA worked with three of the major stakeholders in the area – Falkirk Council, British Waterways and the Central Scotland Forest Trust, who wanted to develop a 300-hectare urban fringe site located between Falkirk and Grangemouth: The HELIX.

Initial proposals for the project include a marina development and Kelpie Boatlift, providing improved access to the Forth and Clyde Canal, and an eco-park offering visitors a range of activities, all delivered in a sustainable manner. In November 2007 the project was awarded £25m by the Big Lottery Fund Living Landmarks.

GVA RGA’s work included an assessment of the business opportunities and provided an overview assessment of their viability. The findings were then used to inform an action plan that was required for the bid, and subsequently, the project.

GVA RGA brought to the project an extensive experience of the tourism and leisure markets to assist the client group in assessing the financial feasibility of their proposed product mix and introducing new elements to the project where required. Falkirk is a fantastic location with over three million people within a ninety minute drive and we are convinced that The HELIX is a great opportunity to bring about transformational change in the area.

To find out more abou the HELIX follow the link:  Helix Project

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