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Edinburgh : Hogmanay Celebrations

GVA RGA works on projects around the UK and every location that we come across has aspirations to increase the volume and value of tourism. The economic and cultural potential of tourism is significant and a growing interest in its development has led to a highly competitive environment. How can destinations and individual attractions maintain market share in the light of increasing competition in the UK and overseas? How can the aspirations to attract more tourists be balanced against environmental and sustainability concerns? How do individual tourism elements combine to create a tourism destination And what is the best way to measure the long-term impact?

At GVA RGA we combine strategic thinking with industry knowledge to provide the answers to these questions. We work at the strategic level, preparing tourism strategies for local authorities and key tourism destinations, and at the operational level to help visitor attractions improve their performance. Our work in this sector includes strategic audit and development studies, business planning for new attractions (suitable for submission to funding bodies), operational reviews of existing attractions and economic and social impact assessments.

Our hospitality, catering and retail expertise means that we are also well placed to advise attractions on how to maximise income and potentially strategic benefits from these sources.

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