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Accommodation Audit : Angus Council

Angus is a largely rural area on the east coast of Scotland and tourism is an important economic factor in the region. Angus Council were in the process of developing a local tourism strategy and recognised the need to understand their current accommodation market, motivations for its use and what opportunities there might be for improving and developing the product.

The Council commissioned RGA GVA to undertake an independent assessment of the current visitor accommodation stock (quantity, quality, performance and sector outlook) and to conduct a study into the demand, by a number of different user and non-user groups, for visitor accommodation in Angus. The development cycle was also investigated in order to establish the criteria and motivation for accommodation development within Angus.

The report set out the findings and conclusions drawn from the programme of primary and secondary research and these were used to inform a series of recommendations on the development of the accommodation sector in Angus.

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